VGA RGB 5 ม. ROSH 3+6 DB15M/15M Monitor Line




Often we’ve got troublesome ploblems about presentation via projector screen. This VGA RGB DB15M/M cable is premium quality cable that delivers high-performance, high-bandwidth interface for your presentation via projector screen.

  • High quality cable for connection to VGA RGB MONITOR
  • For projector screen compatible with 3+6 DB15M/15M cable
  • Designed with quality materials with high resistance
  • Tri-shielded cable reduces interference.
  • Copper conductors are individually insulated to ensure high-speed, error-free transmission.
  • 24k gold plated connector tips allows for data transmission with high bandwidth and efficiency.

Product Specifications

  • Length : 5 meters
  • Connector Tip : VGA (15M)
  • Compatible Device : LCD display / projector / notebook

Suggestions and Warnings

  • Do not store in a place subject to heat and humidity.